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4/21/2014 Sleep Patterns Inadequate For Many Low and Middle Class Students Growth & Development
4/14/2014 Fussy Infants & Toddlers Tend to Watch More Media, Starting a Lifelong Habit Family Life
4/7/2014 What’s the Latest with the Flu? A Message for Caregivers & Teachers Safety & Prevention
4/7/2014 Eliminating Street Crossings Can Make It Safer for Children to Walk to School Safety & Prevention
3/31/2014 Adolescents' Muscular Strength Plays a Role in Heart and Metabolic Health Healthy Living
3/27/2014 Autism Prevalence on the Rise: 1 in 68 Children Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder Health Issues
3/24/2014 Health Experts Determine Water Births Have No Proven Health Benefits Safety & Prevention
3/24/2014 Children’s Activity Levels Reflect Activity Levels of Mothers Healthy Living
3/17/2014 Some Behaviors Related to Infant Feeding and Activity May Be Culturally Based Healthy Living
3/17/2014 Teens More Likely to Drive under the Influence after Riding with an Impaired Driver Safety & Prevention
3/17/2014 Association between Childhood ADHD and Obesity Health Issues
3/12/2014 Tips for Poison Prevention and Treatment Safety & Prevention
3/10/2014 Study Examines Patterns of Smartphone Use by Parents around Children Family Life
3/5/2014 Spring Break Safety Tips Safety & Prevention
3/4/2014 AAP Invites Children to Enter Art Contest Depicting “Helping Others to be Healthy and Happy” Healthy Living
3/3/2014 Study Finds Childhood Immunizations Save Thousands of Lives, Billions of Dollars Safety & Prevention
3/3/2014 Can Infant Sleep Machines Be Hazardous to Babies’ Ears? Safety & Prevention
3/3/2014 When Pro-Vaccine Messages Backfire: Study Examines Effectiveness of Interventions on Parents’ Intent to Vaccinate Safety & Prevention
3/3/2014 Food Security Increases Among Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Recipients Healthy Living
2/24/2014 AAP Advises Parents against Using Retail-Based Clinics Family Life
2/24/2014 AAP Updates Schedule of Screenings and Assessments for Well-Child Visits Family Life
2/24/2014 AAP Makes Recommendations on Use of Off-Label Drugs for Children Safety & Prevention
2/17/2014 Effects of Bullying Remain Even After It Stops Health Issues
2/17/2014 Computer Feedback Can Help Students with ADHD “Train Their Brains” Health Issues
2/10/2014 Caffeine Sources for Children and Teens More Varied Than Before Healthy Living

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