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9/15/2014 Antibiotics are Prescribed Too Often, But It’s Not Always Easy to Tell When They are Needed Safety & Prevention
9/10/2014 Pediatrician-Mom of Twins Offers a Double Dose of Encouraging, No-Nonsense Advice on Parenting Multiples Growth & Development
9/8/2014 Renal Carcinoma Rates Increase Among Children Health Issues
9/8/2014 Rates of Hospital-Associated Infections Decline in Children Health Issues
9/2/2014 How Infant Feeding Practices Affect Children at Age 6: A Follow-Up Healthy Living
9/1/2014 ADHD Medications Do Not Stunt Children’s Growth, Study Finds Health Issues
8/25/2014 Let Them Sleep: AAP Recommends Delaying Start Times of Middle and High Schools to Combat Teen Sleep Deprivation Growth & Development
8/25/2014 AAP Recommends Fluoride to Prevent Dental Caries Healthy Living
8/25/2014 Overweight or Obese Children Likely to be Perceived as “Healthy” by Parents Health Issues
8/18/2014 Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K for Newborn Also More Likely to Refuse Vaccines Safety & Prevention
8/18/2014 HPV Remains Effective 8 Years Later Safety & Prevention
8/18/2014 Childhood Disability Rates Continue to Rise Health Issues
8/18/2014 Emphasizing MMR Vaccine’s Benefits for Children Increases Parents’ Intent to Immunize Safety & Prevention
8/11/2014 Top-of-Head Concussions More Likely to Result in Loss of Consciousness Health Issues
8/7/2014 Back-to-School Tips Safety & Prevention
8/4/2014 Playing Electronic Games for a Short Time May Be Beneficial, but Excessive Use Can Have the Opposite Effect Family Life
8/4/2014 1 in 3 Children with the Flu Can Be At Risk for Serious Complications Health Issues
7/31/2014 National Immunization Awareness Month Safety & Prevention
7/28/2014 AAP Updates Recommendations for Use of Palivizumab against RSV Safety & Prevention
7/28/2014 AAP Recommendations for Children at Increased Risk of Meningococcal Disease Safety & Prevention
7/21/2014 Going to a Successful School May Help Students’ Health Behaviors as well as their Academic Performance Growth & Development
7/21/2014 Peer-Mentored Support Reduces Stress for Mothers of Children with Disabilities Family Life
7/14/2014 Reducing Medication Dosing Errors by Ditching Teaspoons & Tablespoons Safety & Prevention
7/14/2014 Bed-sharing Remains Greatest Risk Factor for Sleep-Related Infant Deaths Safety & Prevention
7/10/2014 Travel Tips Safety & Prevention