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1/28/2015 14 Ways to Show Love for Your Child This Valentine's Day Family Life
1/26/2015 AAP Reaffirms Opposition to Legalizing Marijuana for Recreational or Medical Use Safety & Prevention
1/26/2015 Early Interventions for Behavioral & Emotional Disorders: AAP Clinical Report Health Issues
1/26/2015 Updated Vaccine Schedules for Children & Adolescents Safety & Prevention
1/26/2015 Menu Labels Could Help Parents Ensure Kids Eat Less and Move More Healthy Living
1/23/2015 AAP Urges Parents to Vaccinate Children to Protect Against Measles Safety & Prevention
1/19/2015 Let’s Talk About Pizza: Study Recommends Including Pizza in Childhood Nutrition Counseling Healthy Living
1/19/2015 Many Factors Play a Role in Cognitive Outcomes in Kindergarten Growth & Development
1/19/2015 Underimmunization & Vaccine Refusal Cluster Together Safety & Prevention
1/14/2015 Winter Safety Tips Safety & Prevention
1/12/2015 Head Start Programs may Prevent Obesity among Low-income Preschoolers Growth & Development
1/12/2015 Higher Rates of Vaccinations Leads to Less Rotavirus Disease Safety & Prevention
1/5/2015 Study Shows Small Screens in Children’s Bedrooms Can Harm Sleep Family Life
1/5/2015 Strict Rest After Concussion Does Not Improve Recovery Health Issues
1/2/2015 January is Birth Defects Prevention Month Safety & Prevention
12/29/2014 AAP Clinical Report: How Pediatricians can Help Stop Polio Forever Safety & Prevention
12/29/2014 Texting Can Be a Helpful Reminder to Keep Vaccinations Timely Safety & Prevention
12/22/2014 Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Adolescent Behavior Health Issues
12/22/2014 Pre-Participation Sports Exam Requirements Vary State-to-State Safety & Prevention
12/15/2014 Study Shows 29% of High School Students Use E-cigarettes Safety & Prevention
12/12/2014 What’s the Latest with the Flu? A Message for Caregivers & Teachers Safety & Prevention
12/9/2014 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids Healthy Living
12/8/2014 Influenza Vaccine Uptake in Young Children Leads to Fewer Hospitalizations Safety & Prevention
12/8/2014 Blunt Chest Trauma and Irregular Heart Beat in a School-Age Athlete Health Issues
12/1/2014 Study Shows One-Half of U.S. Infants Sleep in “Potentially Hazardous” Bedding Safety & Prevention