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New from the AAP! Mama Doc Medicine

Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health, and Work-Life Balance

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP

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“Parents want to do what is right,” explains author, blogger, and pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP. Yet because many parents find that defining what’s right can sometimes be elusive, Dr Swanson has created this innovative guide to help.
A compilation of some of her most popular blog posts married with new content and updated links, Mama Doc Medicine: Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health, and Work-Life Balance is a timely collection of more than 100 insights grouped into four relevant themes:
Part 1: Prevention
Part 2: Social-Emotional Support
Part 3: Immunizations
Part 4: Work-Life Balance/Mothering
Based on Dr Swanson’s experience as a mother and physician, this book provides simple answers to the “how,” “what,” “why,” and “who” questions of parenting.
Mama Doc Medicine helps decipher some of today’s conflicting medical opinions, offers helpful online resources, and shares what Dr Swanson has learned over many years from her patients, friends, and family—those in and out of the field of medicine. It’s packed with simple suggestions, solutions, and answers every parent can use.
Find out why Dr. Swanson wrote Mama Doc Medicine:



A funny, irreverent, compassionate, and timely guide to how to raise a child in an era when misinformation often rules the day.
-        Paul A. Offit, MD, FAAP; Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases; The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Author of Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure
I first discovered Wendy Sue Swanson as @SeattleMamaDoc on Twitter. I loved seeing her take on the most important children's health issues of the day. From there I found her terrific blog. Here in one collection is the best of Seattle Mama Doc, evidence-based advice on so many of the questions parents raise. It is packed with practical information; loaded with facts and tips to let you make informed decisions about your child's life. It also contains great advice on balancing your role as a parent with the other things you do in your life. A must read for new parents!
-        Richard Besser, MD, FAAP; Chief Medical Editor, ABC News; Author of Tell Me the Truth, Doctor
In Mama Doc Medicine, Dr Swanson effortlessly tackles some of the most difficult and controversial parenting topics with guidance, facts, and real-world examples – leaving you informed and inspired. Life would have been a lot less stressful if my wife and I had had this book when we were starting our family.
-        Seth Mnookin; Associate director, MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing; Author of The Panic Virus
I dare you to read this book and NOT immediately incorporate several new techniques into your parenting style. You’ll find yourself continually quoting “Mama Doc” to family and friends over the course of any given day.
-        Michele Borba, PhD; Internationally recognized parenting expert; Today show contributor; Author of 22 books including The Big Book of Parenting Solutions and Building Moral Intelligence
Dr Swanson has used the tools of the digital age to define herself as one of this generation’s most genuine and influential physician voices. Mama Doc Medicine delivers actionable, evidence-based information with the type of transparent, reassuring authority that only she can deliver.
-        Bryan Vartabedian, MD; Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital; Blogger at
I wish I had this book when I was a new mom! Filled with humor and compassion, Mama Doc Medicine is a great guide for helping parents navigate all the stages of childhood and not forgetting their own health in the process!
-        Laurie David; Author of Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You!; Producer of An Inconvenient Truth
Offering the perfect mix of experienced pediatrician, empathetic parent, and renowned mom-blogger, new and seasoned parents alike are sure to find this fantastic new book to be as invaluable, insightful, reassuring, and relatable as Dr Wendy Sue herself!

About the author

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP, is a practicing pediatrician living in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. Partnering with her patients and their parents fuels her passion to improve healthcare.