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Retro Baby

Cut Back on All the Gear Boost Your Baby's Development With More Than 100 Time-Tested Activities

Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L

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Because we want the best possible start for our children, most of us will be drawn in by the marketing and advertising hype from baby product manufacturers at some point. The bouncers, walkers, carriers, electronic toys, and “educational” videos are intended to make our daily lives easier and our children smarter, but its overuse may also impede infant development.
The latest parenting book from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Retro Baby: Cut Back on All the Gear and Boost Your Baby’s Development With More Than 100 Time-tested Activities helps caregivers understand the importance of one-on-one play with your child.
In this exceptional book featuring more than 100 activities, you’ll
• Learn how crucial connections are formed between your child’s brain and muscles during the first year of life.
• Discover how the overuse of some baby products can hinder infant exploration.
• Observe how good old-fashioned play affects your baby’s development in a positive way.
• Try a variety of ideas that enhance your infant’s ability to learn.
• See how to make traditional, handmade toys using common household items.

Retro Baby brings 20 years of experience from an occupational therapist and mother of three into your home. Anne Zachry, Ph.D. understands that each family and baby have different needs, and she offers flexible strategies and suggestions for playtime. With “back to the basic” ideas, Dr. Zachry gives you lots of opportunities to spend valuable time with your baby, creating that special bond that will last a lifetime.


This is a great book for any parent, but particularly for those who want to minimize the high-tech, often unnecessary, paraphernalia being pushed these days. Parents, you will appreciate the creative ideas for entertaining your baby and encouraging your baby’s development.
Rachel Y. Moon, MD, FAAP
Professor of pediatrics, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Children’s National Medical Center; editor in chief, Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know; chairperson, American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Put down your smartphone and pick up this book. With plain-spoken, concise wisdom, Dr Zachry provides vital, research-backed information for parents of young children. Creative, interactive play with other children and adults supports healthy brain development in ways today’s technology never will. Retro Baby provides parents fun, money-saving activities that will set their children up for lifelong success.
Mark Bertin, MD, FAAP
Developmental pediatrician, author of The Family ADHD Solution: A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child’s Attention and Minimizing Parental Stress, and editorial advisor, Common Sense Media

About the author

Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L

​Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist, child development specialist, and assistant professor of occupational therapy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.