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Family Life

The role of fathers has changed monumentally over the past half century, and with it has come new expectations for today’s dads. With new cultural terms like SAHD (stay-at-home dad) and ‘equally shared parenting,’ dads are expected to think outside the old breadwinner role and reinvent fatherhood in his own terms – an exciting, but admittedly intimidating task.
Listen to an interview on the Healthy Children Radio show, as David Hill, MD, FAAP, member of the AAP Council on Communications and Media, gives dads the best advice and top tips to parent like a pro!
Segment 1: Parent Like a Pro
Segment 2: Tips for Dads: A Male Pediatricians Best Advice
Segment 3: Tools to Make You a Better Father
Segment 4: Dad to Dad: Helping You Be The Best Dad You Can Be


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