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How to Talk to Adolescent Boys about Sexual Health and Health Care

Because of the many physical, social, and psychological changes adolescent boys experience during puberty, pediatricians are encouraged to discuss age-appropriate sexual and reproductive health issues with adolescent male patients during routine office visits and deliver appropriate sexual and reproductive health care.

In the new clinical report, “Male Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Care,” appearing in the December 2011 Pediatrics (published online Nov. 28), addressing male teenage sexual and reproductive health issues should always include taking a sexual history, conducting an examination, administering vaccinations and providing age-appropriate guidance related to sex, relationships, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections/HIV and unintended pregnancy.

Sexual or reproductive health services should be provided in a confidential and culturally acceptable manner to help adolescent males feel comfortable and engaged. It is also important for parents to talk with their sons about sexual health and development on a regular basis, and to provide support for them when appropriate.  

11/28/2011 12:00 AM
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