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Pseudoephedrine (Decongestant) Dosage Table

 Child's Weight (pounds) 18-26  27-35  36-53  54-71  72-139  140+  lbs 
 Liquid 15 mg/5 milliliters (mL) 2.5 4 5 7.5 10 -- mL
 Chewable 15 mg -- -- 1 1 ½  2 4 tablets
 Tablets 30 mg -- -- -- -- 1 2 tablets
 Tablet 60 mg -​​- -- -- -- -- 1 tablets

Indications: Treatment of nasal congestion (stuffiness).

Table Notes:

  • AGE LIMIT: Don't use under 4 years of age.
    • Reason 1: Not approved by FDA because dosage not studied in this age range
    • Reason 2: Risk of dosage error causing high blood pressure
  • CAUTION: Never give 2 cough or cold medicines at the same time. (Reason: May share an ingredient and cause poisoning). Avoid multi-ingredient products in children under 6 years of age (AAP recommendations 10/2008)
  • AVAILABILITY: Pseudoephedrine products are found behind the counter of pharmacies in response to legislation enacted in 2006. Ask a pharmacist for assistance in obtaining these medications.
  • DOSAGE: determine by finding child's weight in the top row of the dosage table.
  • MEASURING the DOSAGE: Syringes and droppers are more accurate than teaspoons. If possible, use the syringe or dropper that comes with the medication. If you use a teaspoon, it should be a measuring spoon. Regular spoons are not reliable. Also, remember that 1 level teaspoon equals 5 mL and that ½ teaspoon equals 2.5 mL.
  • ADULT DOSAGE: 60 mg maximum
  • FREQUENCY: Repeat every 6 hours as needed

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Adapted from My Child Is Sick! Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries (Copyright © 2011 Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP)
The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.
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