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Dr. Jennifer Shu and her team of pediatricians answer your health questions.

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My child has chapped lips. What can I do to make this go away? 12/11/2014
If my child is still breastfeeding, is it necessary to start him on a sippy cup? 12/3/2014
My daughter is extremely shy and anxious around strangers. How can I help her? Will she grow out of it? 12/3/2014
My son just got his license, but I’m worried he doesn’t have enough experience. What should I do? 10/21/2014
What vehicles are unsafe for teen drivers? 10/21/2014
Can a pediatrician prescribe birth control to my teen daughter? 10/20/2014
My children will not stay sitting in time-out! Help! 10/17/2014
What are the possible effects of secondhand smoke on infants? 10/9/2014
I think my child may have ADHD. How do I find out for sure? 10/9/2014
Do I need to keep my son home from child care if he has pinkeye? 10/9/2014
At what age can I start washing my baby’s clothes with regular detergent? 10/9/2014
Is it ok if a child walks before he crawls? 9/4/2014
At what age is it safe to let my child try peanut butter? 9/3/2014
When should you stop giving a pacifier to your child? 9/3/2014
Will my 10-year-old develop foot problems if she wears high heels? 9/3/2014

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