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Heading Home With Your Newborn

From Birth to Reality

Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP

$ 15.95
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Este libro está disponible solamente en inglés.

Now in a fully-updated second edition, Heading Home with Your Newborn has everything new and expectant parents need to know about caring for baby in the first few months after birth. Written by two pediatricians who are also parents, this awarding-winning guide covers feeding, sleeping, changing, bathing, dressing, traveling, sickness, child care options, and much more.

The second edition features new chapters on vaccines and choosing a child care provider, plus a robust new section devoted to early learning, with chapters on baby brain basics, baby sign language, fun and games, books and babies, the sounds of music, and the effects of media on the very young.  Also included is new or updated information on car seats, safe sleep, cord blood, what to keep in your medicine cabinet, postpartum depression, vitamin D, organic formulas, disposable vs. cloth diapers, newborn hearing screening, and more.

With wit and humor, Drs. Shu and Jana allay the feelings of anxiety, guilt, and inadequacy that inevitably plague first-time parents home alone with a newborn, providing authoritative yet compassionate advice for the sleep-deprived and overwhelmed!

Here are a few special excerpts from Heading Home With Your Newborn as featured on

Sleeping by the Book
The Many Colors of Poop
To Bathe, or Not to Bathe

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  • Named one of the top 50 parenting books on
  • Exclusively featured in the Babies R Us parent resource guide, Becoming Us
  • Extensively excerpted with more than 1 million copies in print


  • Best in Parenting—Benjamin Franklin Award, The Independent Book Publishers Association
  • First Place—Diet/Health/Fitness, Midwest Book Award
  • Book of the Year 2006 —Gold Award, ForeWord magazine
  • Book of the Year 2010 —Gold Award, ForeWord magazine


"Written for the AAP by two pediatricians who are also mothers, this book hits all the major questions mom and dad have in the first few months. It covers breast- and formula-feeding, newborn sleep (or lack thereof), crying and soothing, and the physical and medical symptoms parents worry about with a newborn."

"One of the "best guides to the first year of your baby's life"
Parents magazine

"Heading Home With Your Newborn is one of the very best books for parents that I’ve run across in the 24 years that I have been reviewing parenting books. Written with great heart and soul, it provides up-to-date medical information. These two pediatrician
authors are both smart and compassionate, and it’s obvious that they remember just what it feels like to bring home a brand-new baby."
Bobbi Conner
Creator and host of The Parent’s Journal nationwide public radio program

"This book packs the advice of a parenting class, a doctor’s visit, and a best friend into one indispensable package."
Library Journal

"A special book that new parents will want to read cover to cover before their little one arrives. No matter what challenges new parenthood throws your way, Drs Jana and Shu are sure to leave you feeling both confident and competent. Heading Home is the perfect shower gift!"
Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Denver

"In short, easy-to-read chapters, these pediatrician authors explore all the topics…which are part of every new baby’s life. Their sections on car seat safety and traveling with an infant are especially informative and up to date. The authors’ supportive
reassurances and sensitive advice will be particularly helpful to parents whose baby does not fit the norm. Without a false note anywhere, the authors have made a gift to parents of their own confidence and experience. This book is a fresh contribution to
adults just beginning the parenting journey."
Molly Frederick
Senior Associate Editor, formerly of Contemporary Pediatrics

"Funny yet sage…having this book in the house is like having a doctor on call (without the co-pay)."
ePregnancy magazine

"This book will lower your stress about raising your child. It is a wonderful narrative that reads as if it was a conversation among friends…. You can have a shared learning experience with the authors who are moms, docs, and daughters and really do know."
George A. Strait
Former Medical Correspondent, ABC News

"In an era of one-size-fits-all parenting advice, this book truly stands out. Doctors Jana and Shu offer the kind of advice that will help new parents keep their expectations reasonable, while giving them the confidence and encouragement they need to be great
parents, and to have fun at the same time."
Armin Brott
Author of The Expectant Father series

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the humor in Heading Home...! Very entertaining and informative. I am now recommending that all my new parents get a copy, whether they are on their first or fourth baby."
Dan Brennan, MD, CLC, FAAP
Sansum Clinic, Santa Barbara, California and contributing writer for Santa Barbara Parent magazine, the Daily Sound, and the Goleta Voice

"A family-friendly, easily read…guide to the unique experience of caring for a newborn that is both practical and medically sound."
Lillian Blackmon, MD
Former Chair, American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Fetus and Newborn

"The advice you’d get from your sister or best friend, if she had her baby only last year."
Gil Fuld, MD"
AAP News Editorial Advisory Board

"Its spirited, light, and conversational tone makes readers feel like they are talking to a trusted good friend who just happens to be a pediatrician."
John C. Nelson, MD, MPH
Past President, American Medical Association

Sobre el autor

Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP

Dra. Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP,  es una pediatra, autora y comunicadora de salud a nivel nacional.  La Dra. Janna es la cofundadora de Dr. Spock Company establecida en 1999 y ha participado activamente en los medios de comunicación con temas para los padres por más de una década; es la coautora de Llegando a casa con su recién nacido (AAP) y Batallas de comidas (AAP).  Actualmente vive con su esposo y tres hijos en Omaha, Nebraska, en donde es la dueña y administradora de la guardería de nombre: Primrose School of Legacy.

La Dra. Jana es miembro del Comité Ejecutivo de Educación Preescolar y Cuidado Infantil de la AAP, forma parte de la Red de Expertos de Snyderman’s BeWell/Iluminari, creada para divulgar y abogar por la alfabetización y es la cofundadora  de los libros Sorpréndeme; es técnica certificada en la seguridad de los niños cuando son pasajeros y asesora de varias corporaciones, y organizaciones académicas y gubernamentales de una gran variedad de temas relacionados con la salud y el bienestar de los niños.  También forma parte del Junta Asesora de la revista American Baby y del grupo Walt Disney Internet; se ha presentado a nivel nacional en programas como: The Parent’s Journal (El diario del padre) de NPR, Today show, Nancy Grace de CCN, ABC News, y Fox y se le reconoce como una experta en los temas de la crianza de los niños en la afiliada local de NBC.
Dra. Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, es una pediatra, autora y madre de familia que vive en Atlanta.  Su pasión es educar a los padres sobre todos los temas relacionados con los niños.  La Dra. Shu es editora en jefe de La salud del bebé y del niño de la American Academy of Pediatrics y coautora de los galardonados libros Llegando a casa con su recién nacido y Batallas de alimentos publicados ambos por la AAP.

Una escritora y oradora entusiasta y con mucha experiencia, la Dra. Shu se presenta a menudo como la médica experta en varios programas de televisión local y nacional y en programas de radios, artículos publicados en el internet, revistas para los padres, periódicos y publicaciones de medicina.

La Dra. Shu recibió su título de la Universidad de Virginia y su doctorado en medicina de la Medical College of Virginia.  La Dra. Shu terminó su entrenamiento en pediatría y su residencia en la Universidad de California en San Francisco.   Ella ha ejercido su profesión en sectores privados y académicos, como el de ex directora de la Sala de Recién Nacidos en el Centro Médico de Dartmouth-Hitchcock.  La Dra. Shu es un líder de la profesión de medicina y ha ejercido cargos como el de ex presidenta de la Sección de Médicos Jóvenes de la American Medical Association y de la American Academy of Pediatrics.

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