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Dr. Jennifer Shu and her team of pediatricians answer your health questions.

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At what age can I start washing my baby’s clothes with regular detergent? 8/26/2014
How long should I wait before traveling on a plane with my newborn? 8/18/2014
At what age is it safe to use Q-tips to clean a child’s ears? How often should I use them? 8/18/2014
How often should my daughter go in for a check-up? She just turned 6. 8/11/2014
We are going on a cruise. What can I give my child to treat motion sickness? 7/10/2014
My son knows that he needs to become more physically active, but he has so much homework, plus piano lessons after school, and there’s just no time for exercise. What can he do? 4/3/2014
Should children have cholesterol checks just as adults do? 4/3/2014
What can I do to make grocery shopping with my child pleasant? 4/3/2014
My child only wants to eat peanut butter sandwiches. What should I do? 4/3/2014
How can I get my son to eat breakfast? 4/3/2014
My teenager has become a vegetarian. Should I be concerned? 4/3/2014
When should my baby have her first dental visit? 4/3/2014
​Now that my 5-month-old is rolling over by himself, is it safe to let him sleep on his tummy? If not, what is the best way to keep him on his back? 4/3/2014
My 4-year-old daughter sometimes has nightmares and now is afraid to go to bed. How should I handle the situation? 4/3/2014
Our 8-week-old has not yet slept through an entire night. My wife is exhausted. Is there some way I can make him happy so my wife can sleep? 4/3/2014

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