No condom, No Sex

Source: Caring for Your Teenager (© 2003 American Academy of Pediatrics)
If One Partner Says: The Other Partner Might Reply:
“Don’t you trust me?”  “It’s not a question of trust. A person can be infected with a sexually transmitted disease and not know it.”
“Come on, just this once.”  “No. Once is all it takes to become pregnant or to contract a disease.”
“I can’t believe you think I sleep around! You’ve really hurt my feelings.”  “I never said that. But I’d feel better if we used a condom.”
“I hate using condoms; it interrupts everything.”  “It doesn’t have to, if we have them on hand.”
“But I’m a virgin.”  “I’m not. Using condoms will protect us both.”
“I forgot to bring condoms with me.”  “I have some right here.”
“We can please each other without having intercourse.”
“It’s not as sensitive when I wear a condom.”  “Maybe you’ll last longer and the sex will be even better.”
“It’s such a turn-off to use a condom.”  “Not if I help you put it on . . .”
“But I love you!”  “I love you too. Protecting each other is what people in love do.”
“I’m not using a rubber, and that’s final.”  “Suit yourself. Either we have fun another way, or we don’t have sex at all.”
All-Time Favorites Barely Worthy of a Response:  All-Purpose Rejoinder:
“But I’m too big!” “You know what they call couples who don’t use condoms?”
“But I’m sterile!” “No, what?”
“Obviously you don’t care about me!” “Parents.”
“If you get pregnant, I’ll help you care for the baby.” And: “Patients at the STD clinic.”
Right. And the check is in the mail...