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Healthy Children Radio: Motor Delays

Dr. Garey Noritz Dr. Garey Noritz

​Have you noticed certain delays in your child's motor development?

Motor delays are common in children, but early recognition can optimize outcomes. Parents and their pediatricians need to look at milestones such rolling over, crawling, walking, and climbing stairs; as well as fine motor skills like grasping objects, putting blocks in a cup, scribbling or creating a stick figure drawing. By watching kids move and play during physical examinations, you can detect children who need a bit more attention.

Pediatrician Garey Noritz, author of an AAP clinical report on motor delays, comes on the Healthy Children Radio show to talk about motor development milestones and what parents should do if they have a concern about their child.

Segment 1: Does Your Child Have Motor Delays?

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