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Decreased Milk Supply

My six-month-old has completely lost interest in breastfeeding since I returned to my job. Is there anything I can do about this?

Some babies—particularly those older than six months—do gradually lose interest in breastfeeding as they adapt to the bottle. Frequently this loss of interest is tied to a lower milk supply.

To correct it, make a point of breastfeeding your baby frequently and always on demand—to comfort or soothe as well as nourish him. Breastfeed in a quiet, dimly lit place with few distractions, and consider increasing the number of night feedings. If he doesn’t complete a breastfeeding session, pump the remaining milk from your breasts to increase your milk supply.

Be aware, though, that some older babies simply wean themselves naturally at this point. If your baby has benefited from exclusive breastfeeding until now, congratulate yourself on providing him with the best possible nutrition for as long as he needed it.

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