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Returning To School

Mothers who plan to attend school or college while continuing to breastfeed can use methods similar to those of working mothers.

Discuss your intention to continue breastfeeding with your guidance counselor, a trusted teacher, the dean of women, or another appropriate member of the administration. Find out whether onsite child care is provided at your institution. (If it isn’t and you are attending high school, ask your counselor whether there is another school in your area that does offer child care and other services for students with children. Your counselor may also be able to steer you toward parenting courses and La Leche League groups that can further support your efforts to breastfeed while attending school.)

Ask for help in finding or creating a suitable place for milk expression—for you and any other breastfeeding students. Again, it is better to approach the administrator with a proposal already in mind than to expect others to make the effort to find space and time for you.

If you can provide a clear, easy-to-implement breastfeeding plan, your transition to life as a mother-student should be a smooth one.

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