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Healthy Children Radio: Crying Babies

​Crying serves several useful purposes for your baby. It gives her a way to call for help when she's hungry or uncomfortable. It helps her shut out sights, sounds, and other sensations that are too intense to suit her. And it helps her release tension.

For parents, however, this can be the most frustrating part of parenting. How can you keep your cool and not be tempted to pick up and shake the child, or worse? How do know that your caregiver is not feeling that same frustration that might cause them to take it out on your baby? There are triggers and techniques to calm down and soothe a crying baby without resorting to abuse.

Pediatrician Cindy Christian, an expert in child abuse prevention, comes on the Healthy Children Radio show on RadioMD to offer tips on preventing an uncontrolled response to your child's crying.

Segment 1: Crying Baby? Don't Lose Control, There is Help

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