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Sample Driving Rules Teens Must Follow

There are some rules that your teen must follow at all times, regardless of the conditions. Here are some common rules to get you started.

Teen Driver Will:

  • Never play around with passengers, talk on a cell phone, mess with the radio or do anything else distracting
  • Always call home if for any reason it is not safe to drive or ride with someone else
  • Always call home if going to be late
  • Always wear a safety belt and require all passengers to wear safety belts
  • Always obey traffic laws
  • Never speed, tailgate, or cut off others
  • Never drive after taking any drugs or alcohol or ride with a driver who has taken any drugs or alcohol
  • Always tell parent/guardian where going and with whom

Parent Will:

  • Provide safe ride home when asked (no questions at that time)
  • Consider necessary exceptions to the driving privileges
  • Apply rules fairly and consistently
  • Point out and discuss safe and dangerous driving situations and practices
  • Be a good role model behind the wheel

Additional Information:

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