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Beyond the Buzz: Tips for Managing Social Networking Sites

Social Media Resources for Parents and Teens

Every day, adolescents are exposed to countless messages intended to educate, entertain, or influence their behavior. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for instantly connecting and sharing information with friends and family. However, the freedom and communication that comes with these forms of media can also create new risks to a teen’s health and well-being. It takes a committed effort from both parents and teens to monitor the information teens encounter online, and to accurately interpret the messages and intentions of these external influences.

The following websites provide extra information to help teens and parents protect themselves online: Media Information

Wondering what the right age is to give your teen a cell phone? What do all those online acronyms mean? How should cyber-bullying be addressed? For these answers, plus the answers to many other topics that revolve around adolescent media use, click here. SafetyNet

The AAP has an Internet Safety site that provides resources from the AAP and other organizations to help kids, teens and families use websites and social media safely. In addition to recommendations from pediatricians, the SafetyNet site has a Family Media Use Form, and links to external sites including On Guard Online (an comprehensive guide to being smart and safe online) and NetSmartz (an interactive, educational safety resource). Click here to visit SafeyNet.

Facebook Safety

This site provides a summary of one of the most popular social networking site’s current policies for protecting users, including tips to help parents & teens maximize their online safety as well as tools to help guide users through the site’s various privacy settings. Click here

Common Sense Media

This is a website dedicated to educating parents about age-appropriate media use. Looking for a video game review for your child’s age group? What about advice on media-related topics? This site covers it all. Click here

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