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Healthy Children Radio: Your Child’s Medical Home

​The care provided by a medical home is the kind of care we all want and deserve. It is the way your child's pediatric health care team approaches providing care for your child. A medical home means your pediatric team knows your child's health history and they listen to your concerns and needs. This team also works in partnership with you to make sure that the medical and non-medical needs of your child and family are met... and so much more. Just as you make regular home improvements, you can make improvements to your child's medical home as well by working closely with your doctor's office.

Pediatrician Jennifer Lail, MD, FAAP, joins the Healthy Children show on RadioMD to share a few things to discuss with your child's primary care provider in order to make your medical home experience the best it can be.

Segment 1: Your Child’s Medical Home: What You Need to Know

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