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When Not to Worry About Autism

​Many parents worry about their child’s development at one point or another.

Competitive Parenting - Stop Comparing!

Competitive parenting makes us all a little nuts; the act of comparing what our children do against what the cousins or our friends’ children do is very difficult to stop. And can make anyone unnerved.

Talk with Your Child’s Doctor If You Are Worried at Any Time

If at any time you worry that your child isn’t expressing joy, communicating thoughts, or reflecting an understanding of your language, visual cues, and behavior, talk with your child’s doctor.

If you don’t feel heard or you continue to worry, schedule another visit. If you still worry, contact another doctor for a second opinion. Instincts serve us very well when it comes to parenthood. Further, find some peace of mind if your child is doing many of the behaviors listed here!

Reassuring Developmental Milestones for Infants & Children

The following are a few signs that your child is developing great communication skills on time:

  • Responds to her name between 9 and 12 months of age
  • Smiles by 2 months of age; laughs and giggles around 4 to 5 months; expresses great joy to your humor around 6 months
  • Plays and thinks peek-a-boo is funny around 9 months of age
  • Makes eye contact with people during infancy
  • Tries to say words you say between 12 and 18 months of age
  • Uses 5 words by 18 months of age
  • Copies your gestures like pointing, clapping, or waving
  • Imitates you, i.e., pretends to stir a bowl of pancake mix when you give him a spoon and bowl or pretends to talk on the phone with a play cell phone
  • Shakes head “no”
  • Waves bye-bye by 15 months of age
  • Points to show you something interesting or to get your attention by 18 months of age

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