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Parenting Training Classes

Our child’s pediatrician has recommended parenting training classes for my husband and me as a part of our son’s treatment for ADHD. We have read about some of the techniques used in behavior therapy and they seem much like what we have already implemented with our other children. Anyway, it seems to us that it’s our child who needs therapy more than we do, because we are already pretty consistent and predictable in our parenting style. Wouldn’t he benefit more from a therapist who could help him work on controlling his behavior and obeying commands?


The parenting techniques taught in behavior therapy courses designed for families of children with ADHD are noticeably similar to the positive parenting practices used by many parents. However, parent training provides an opportunity to think about these techniques in the much more structured, detailed, and consistent ways necessary to help with behavior changes with your son, who is posing a much greater behavioral challenge for you than your other children.

Parent training directly addresses the behaviors that need to be changed and gives you the tools to make those changes. There is generally a lack of literature establishing the effectiveness of treatments other than behavior therapy approaches with ADHD.

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