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Ask the Pediatrician

Dr. Jennifer Shu and her team of pediatricians answer your health questions.

Dr. Jennifer Shu

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My son knows that he needs to become more physically active, but he has so much homework, plus piano lessons after school, and there’s just no time for exercise. What can he do?


​So many of today’s kids lead very busy lives. It seems as though their planned activities start immediately after school and continue until well after nightfall. If you think about it, there’s probably some time in your child’s afternoon and evening, even just 15 or 20 minutes, when he could fit in some physical activity.

Remember, activity needs to become a priority in your child’s life. That means that exercise wins out over video games or surfing the Web almost every time. After school, can your child play catch with the neighborhood kids in the park down the block or work out to an exercise video? Frankly, there aren’t too many kids who don’t have a few minutes to spare each day for squeezing in some physical activity. Physical activity promotes motor and mental development and is essential for developing coordination.

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Source: Pediatric Obesity: Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment Strategies for Primary Care (Copyright © 2014 American Academy of Pediatrics)

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