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April 2015 • #98
A Note from the Medical Editor
As a parent, you probably measure your child’s growth in many ways – a yardstick, marks on a wall, a scale, pictures, and increases in clothing and shoe size increases. These are all great ways to see how your child has grown from one year to the next. 
In a similar way, pediatricians use a variety of measurment tools to get a full picture of a child’s growth (physical, social, and cognitive). Percentiles, for example, are one tool used to measure your child's height, weight, and head circumference. These are recorded on a growth chart at each well-child visit to make sure your child is growing at a healthy rate. 
In this newsletter, we focus on helping you understand your child’s growth patterns—both on the outside and the inside. 
~Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Medical Editor, HealthyChildren.org
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Featured Tip
Does it seem like your teenager is always hungry? Very normal. Your teen’s appetite may be soaring off the charts as her need for calories escalates to support normal growth spurts.
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