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Skin Sense
April 2011 • #13
A Note from the Medical Editor
As the largest organ in the body, our skin weighs about 8 pounds (in adults) and covers roughly 22 square feet! And our skin does so much - it protects our bodies from water, sun, chemicals, and injuries; regulates our temperature; and transmitts pain and other sensations. So it makes sense that we should take really good care of our skin so it can take good care of us!
In this newsletter you’ll find helpful tips that you can use to keep your child's skin healthy, starting from infancy. There's also important information on sun safety and care advice for the cuts, scrapes and bruises kids get from time to time. Enjoy!
Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Medical Editor,
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Featured Tip
For newborns use products labeled for sensitive skin, which tend to have fewer additives.
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