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Getting Involved in Your Community
September 2014 • #84
A Note from the Medical Editor
The words "generosity” and “compassion" may not make much sense to a toddler or young child, but even young children can learn the value of sharing and helping people in need.  
Give your children opportunities to care for someone or something other than themselves - a pet, a plant, or another person. Praise them when you see this behavior.  For example, "I noticed you gave your little sister a hug when she fell off her bike. That was a very kind thing to do."
In this newsletter, we offer ideas for how you can teach your children the joys of giving through your everyday interactions and through service opportunities at home or in the community.
~Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP
Medical Editor,
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Featured Tip
Try to volunteer at your child’s school at least once a year. Chaperoning a field trip or helping backstage at the talent show can mean a lot to your child!
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