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Cómo completar una solicitud para la universidad

Information Typically Requested

  1. Biographical Info Name, address, names of parents, siblings, etc.
  2. Academic Info Name of secondary school, school advisers, curriculum, years of study in each academic area, any academic honors, senior-year courses.
  3. Activities, Hobbies, Experiences School activities, work experience, community activities, hobbies, travel.
  4. High-School Grades Some colleges do not require grades from all four years of high school.
  5. Filing Info
    • Are you applying as a freshman or as a transfer student?
    • For which term? (fall, spring, summer)
    • Will you require campus housing?
    • Are you applying for a scholarship?
    • Are you applying for financial aid?
    • Have you ever applied, attended or interviewed here before?
    • What is your anticipated career choice, degree, major(s)?
    • Has anyone else in your family ever attended this college?
    • Are there any additional comments or statements you would like to make?

Examples of Essay Questions

  1. “Write about a significant experience or achievement that has special meaning for you.”
  2. “Describe one of the best conversations you’ve ever had.”
  3. “Describe the most challenging obstacle you’ve had to overcome.”
  4. “Please describe yourself. What quality do you like best in yourself? What quality do you like least?”
  5. “What are your reasons for applying to [name of school], and what do you hope to accomplish after you graduate?”
  6. “Who is your hero, and why? (This can be someone from your own life or from world history.)”
  7. “Discuss some issue of personal, local, national or international concern, and explain why it is important to you.”
  8. “Discuss a work of art (novel, song, poem, etc.) that encapsulates your personal philosophy.”
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