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4/20/2015 Interventions Can Help Children Be At Ease Swallowing Pills Health Issues
4/20/2015 Effects of the Hepatitis B Virus on Infants Health Issues
4/20/2015 Some Neonatal Intensive Care Units May Be Overusing Antibiotics Safety & Prevention
4/14/2015 Tips for Sports Injury Prevention Safety & Prevention
4/13/2015 Children of Military Families Less Likely to be Vaccinated on Time, Putting Them at Risk for Deadly Diseases Safety & Prevention
4/13/2015 Seeing Alcohol Consumed in Films Leads Adolescents to Drink, Have Alcohol-Related Problems Health Issues
4/9/2015 National Infant Immunization Week Safety & Prevention
4/6/2015 Online Shoppers Beware: Human Milk Purchased on Internet Can be Contaminated  
3/30/2015 AAP Opposes In-school Drug Testing Due to Lack of Evidence  
3/30/2015 AAP Recommends Using Only Metric Dosing Devices for Children’s Medications – Not Kitchen Spoons  
3/23/2015 Addressing Barriers to Care, Challenging Behaviors Improves Outcomes in ADHD Children  
3/16/2015 Child Sex Trafficking Victims Pose Identification Challenges Among Health Care Providers  
3/16/2015 Pediatricians Play an Important Role in Addressing Tobacco Use  
3/10/2015 Tips for Poison Prevention and Treatment Safety & Prevention
3/9/2015 Use of Antidepressants During Pregnancy and Risk of Asthma Health Issues
3/4/2015 What’s the Latest with the Flu? A Message for Caregivers & Teachers Safety & Prevention
3/2/2015 Spring Break Safety Tips Safety & Prevention
3/1/2015 Pediatricians Continue to Work with Parents Who Want to Space Out or Delay Vaccines Safety & Prevention
2/23/2015 AAP Outlines Medical Needs of Child Sex Trafficking Victims Safety & Prevention
2/23/2015 Washing Dishes By Hand May Reduce Risk of Allergy Development Healthy Living
2/23/2015 AAP Recommends Whole-Diet Approach to Children’s Nutrition Healthy Living
2/20/2015 Dr. Karen Remley Named Executive Director/CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics  
2/16/2015 Study Finds Racial Disparities in Treating Type 1 Diabetes in Children Health Issues
2/16/2015 Warmth and Sucrose Eases Newborn Pain Growth & Development
2/16/2015 Teens Not Getting Enough ZZZZ’s Health Issues