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Non-Face-to-Face Care & After-Hours Coverage

​What if my child gets sick or injured after my pediatrician's office has closed?

Plans vary on how they provide after-hours care. Check ahead of time with your pediatrician or managed care plan. If your child is sick or injured, you should call your pediatrician or the person on call for advice. Someone will talk to you about the problem and may give you advice over the phone, see your child, or refer you and your child to an after-hours facility.

About Non-Face-to-Face Care

Medical services in which the patient is not physically present are considered non-face-to-face care. This may include care coordination in which the physician reviews the patient’s medical care with other health care providers, as well as medical care provided over the telephone or through the internet or similar electronic communications network. 

In certain situations, telephone care and e-consultations may take the place of the office visit or hospital visit and as such it is appropriate for the physician to be paid for the medical care provided.

Coverage Information

Plans vary on how they provide coverage and payment for non-face-to-face care. You may have to pay out-of-pocket for these services if they are not a covered benefit under the plan.

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