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  • SummerWinter - This issue will get you looking forward to warmer months ahead with advice on topics like environmentally friendly spring cleaning, swim lessons, and how to ensure your child's bike and bike helmet fits them. A focus on healthy mental development brings you articles about special considerations for physical activity for children with eczema, gender equity for family schedules and chores, and information about a new mental health video series for teens #MentalHealthMattersAAP. Learn about changes to the vaccination schedules and the new vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

  • SummerSummer - There are so many ways to keep kids busy over the summer months. Whether that is through sports, a summer job, or cooking together as a family, summer provides ample opportunities. Read about enjoying summer safely with tips on water parks, sun protection, and youth sports. It can also be a perfect time to practice some new healthy habits for the whole family by disconnecting from devices or finding ways to incorporate environmental stewardship into your family routine.


  • Winter Winter - The colder temperatures this season can provide great time for family time. This issue highlights ways to keep safe and warm during outdoor activities and information on how reading, playing, and talking to your child at any age supports healthy development. You’ll also read advice about how to handle important milestones for your growing child.

  • SummerSummer - School is out for the summer and children and families are ready for some rest, relaxation, and fun. One fun-filled summer activity is reading. We offer tips to enhance learning, bonding, and communication with a good book throughout this issue. You'll find tips to find books that celebrate diversity, how to encourage more reading in our increasingly digital world, and how to help your child if reading is a struggle. We also included excerpts from 3 of our most recently published books for you to enjoy.


  • WinterWinter - Our winter issue recognizes we are still in uncertain times and that parents are the biggest influence when it comes to helping children to find perspective and strength. We offer guidance to help children build resilience and practical tips about continuing to keep your family safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we strive to support the entire family and provide tips for parents to remember to take care of themselves, even when family life is hectic.
  • SummerSummer - Many of us are looking forward to a summer that includes getting back to at least some of the activities we missed in 2020. In this issue, we include articles about how to enjoy summer fun safely. This issue also provides information on how to support mental and social-emotional health for the whole family through gratitude, positive experiences, and prioritizing what is important to you. Many families are starting this season behind on routine health care, like regular pediatrician and dentist visits. We have advice for getting back on track and also have articles about some specific types of care such as telehealth and the adolescent visit.


  • Fall Fall - This fall is like no other and this issue provides guidance on screen time, creative family projects, and book recommendations to build resilience and positive values for your children. Additional support for fostering inclusiveness and addressing bias is provided in an article with advice about how to talk about racism with your child. Many families are focused on overall physical and emotional health during this time. Tips on mood boosting, staying active, and healthy hydration will help the whole family stay well.
  • HealthyChildren Winter 2020 Summer - Quality time with family and summer safety are themes of our summer issue. Inside, you’ll read about family activities such as screen-free playtime together, cooking with your kids, and giving back to your community. There are also safety reminders about children around pools and other bodies of water, immunizations, and key items for a first aid kit. Other featured articles remind us to take time out to recharge as parents and with our children, with self-care, time off, and family yoga.
  • HealthyChildren Winter 2020 Winter - This issue addresses "Firsts" that happen in childhood. Articles cover all age ranges, with topics such as First Immunizations, First Foods, Your Child’s First Crush, and First Time Drivers.

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