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Tips & Tools E-Newsletter Archives

Here you will find past issues of our e-newsletter. Each issue focuses on a different topic and pulls together the very best content all in one place!

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  • September - New Ways to Protect Your Child From RSV

  • August - Tips for a Safe, Healthy & Happy School Year

  • July - Your Child's Physical Development

  • June - Summer Fun & Safety for Families

  • May - Focus on Social Media & Mental Health

  • April - Focus on Climate Change & Children's Health

  • March - What to Know As More Kids Are Identified on the Autism Spectrum

  • February - What to Know About Drinking Water Safety

  • January - Focus on Winter Fun & Safety


  • December - Comfort & Joy: Safe, Healthy & Happy Holidays

  • November - The Respiratory Virus Surge & Your Child

  • October - Focus on Halloween Safety

  • September - Focus on Keeping Kids Healthy & In School

  • August - Breastfeeding & Beyond: What's Best for You & Your Baby

  • July - Healthy Digital Media Use & First Phone Readiness

  • June - What to Know About COVID Vaccines For Babies & Young Children

  • May - How to Talk With Children About Tragic News Events

  • April - Playing Outside: Why It's So Good for Kids

  • March - Answering Your Child's Questions About War

  • February - How to Make Your Child Feel Loved

  • January - COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Kids


  • December - Holiday Gatherings & Mental Health Tips

  • November - Everyday Gratitude & Buying Safe Toys

  • October - COVID Vaccines for Ages 5-11 & Halloween Safety

  • September - Talking With Children About Climate Change

  • August - Focus on Back to School & Keeping Kids Healthy

  • July - Focus on Fireworks Safety & Extreme Heat

  • June - Focus on Healthy Superpowers

  • May - Protecting kids too young to get the COVID-19 vaccine

  • April - Focus on COVID-19 Vaccines for Families

  • March - Focus on Toxic Metals in Baby Food & Medication Safety

  • February - Focus on Showing the Love, First Crushes & Family Travel

  • January - Focus on Staying Active & Healthy During the Pandemic

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