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Homeopathic Treatments for ADHD


Homeopathy, a therapeutic approach developed in the 1800s that is especially popular in Europe, springs from the concept that illness results from a disorder of “vital energies,” and that these energies must be restored if a patient is to recover. Vital energies can be restored through the use of diluted animal, plant, or mineral extracts designed to treat specific symptoms. These treatments have been shown to be more effective than placebos in reliable scientific studies, though the reason for this is not yet known.

Homeopathic treatment for ADHD, increasingly widespread in the United States as individual accounts of success have spread, has been demonstrated effective in one initial study in improving ADHD-type behavior, although the study failed to use a fully double-blind design.

Though the mechanisms underlying this treatment are still not scientifically defined, the success of the study merits further investigation of homeopathy as a treatment for ADHD, but it cannot be recommended as a proven therapy at this time.

If you do become interested in using this approach, be sure to discuss your plans first with your child’s physician. Some extracts can interact negatively with medications your child may be taking.

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