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Multiple Vaccinations at One Time

My child is scheduled to receive more than one immunization at his next office visit.  Do any vaccines interfere with each other when given at the same time?

The vaccines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for use in all children do not interfere with each other and, as needed, can be safely given together during a single visit.

Research has shown that when multiple vaccines are given together, the side effects are no greater than when immunizations are given individually. In fact, the only 2 vaccines that can’t be given together are yellow fever and cholera vaccines. This is really no longer a concern because the cholera vaccine is no longer recommended for use and the yellow fever vaccine is used mostly for travelers to certain areas of the world.

The time you should wait between your infant’s routine vaccines depends on the type of vaccine used. In general, you wait at least a month. Be sure to tell your doctor if your child receives a vaccine at school, in an emergency department, or elsewhere.

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