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My 1-year-old accompanies me to the bathroom every time I go. Is this normal?

Guide to Toilet Training


Of course you don't have to use the bathroom in your child's presence, but observing a parent (especially a same-sex parent) using the toilet is one of the best ways to teach her how to do the same. Not only does observation answer a lot of your toddler's unvoiced questions about elimination, but soon the desire to mimic your behavior may spur her to actually ask to use the toilet and to switch from diapers to underwear.

Continue allowing her to observe you if you can avoid feeling too uncomfortable. If you feel, however, that your embarrassment is having a negative effect on your child, once she is old enough and ready to use the potty, consider having her observe another willing family member, or look to other methods (conversation, children's books, direct instruction) to familiarize her with the process.​

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Guide to Toilet Training

​Toilet training is an important developmental milestone for children, and it also can be one of the greatest challenges for parents. Not all children are ready at the same age, and they often respond differently to various training methods. With conflicting advice from friends, relatives, and the media, parents can quickly become confused and frustrated. Guide to Toilet Training, 2nd Edition is a complete guide to every phase of the toilet-training process. Parents will be informed and reassured by the practical information, proven techniques, and expert advice offered in this thoroughly revised and updated edition. This book can be purchased on ShopAAP.

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