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Chop Chop Magazine


ChopChop Magazine is the award-winning cooking magazine for families. Endorsed by the AAP and named the 2013 Publication of the Year by the James Beard Foundation, ChopChop is filled with delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, appealing photography, plus engaging facts and games your kids will love. Ask your pediatrician for a copy today and start inspiring your kids to cook and eat healthfully for a lifetime of good nutrition.

To order a subscription for your family, visit ChopChop or ask your pediatrician to order copies for his or her office by clicking here.

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View and access recipes from recent issues below.

Recipe: After-School Snack Energy Bars

Recipe: Baked Vegetable Frittata

Recipe: Basic Chicken Soup

Recipe: Best-Ever Applesauce

Recipe: Blueberry Smoothie

Recipe: Black Bean Hummus

Recipe: Crunchy Chicken Thighs

Recipe: Crusty Cornbread 

Recipe: Date-Nut Cream Cheese

Recipe: Easy Dill Pickles

Recipe: Every Shade of Green Salad

Recipe: First Lady Michelle Obama's Baked Apples

Recipe: Greek Salad Kabobs

Recipe: How to Get the Seeds Out of a Pumpkin

Recipe: Kiwisicles

Recipe: Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Recipe: Parmesan Yogurt Dip with Carrots

Recipe: Ranch Dressing

Recipe: Tropical Smoothie

Recipe: Turkey Chili

Recipe: Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese

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